Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!


YES, I want to join the US Medicare PH campaign
I pledge to write and persuade the U.S. president, my two senators and Congress Member to help achieve the goals of US MEDICARE PH to extend Medicare coverage in the Philippines, to improve retirement opportunities and to protect the interests of American retirees and dependents in the Philippines.

To the best of my abilities, I will volunteer to campaign and recruit friends, family members and business associates. As a “US Medicare PH” member, I will receive:
• Membership card & gift items like lapel pins, scarfs, ties, T-Shirts, etc.
• Action Alerts and regular updates by e-mail or newsletters
• Progress reports on the quality of health care in the Philippines
• Retirement opportunities in the Philippines
• Professional advocacy representation in Washington DC by a registered lobbyist

CLASS of MEMBERSHIP applied for with annual dues and additional benefits:
• __ FOUNDING $500.00 (Founder or Partner with web link!)
• __ FAMILY $100.00 (qualifies as elected Board Director or Officer) with $50 RENEWAL
• __ REGULAR Member $50.00 (voter to elect Board of Directors) $50 RENEWAL
• __“FRIEND” $ 20.00 ( Support donation only. No voting privileges)

INDIVIDUAL MEMBER’S INFORMATION: (Please cut, paste, fill-out & e-mail)
Last Name: ____________________________    (PRINT)
First Name: ____________________________M.I. _____
Organization Affiliation:______________________________________
Title/Position/Profession: __________________________________

Referred by: _______________________
US or PH Home Address: __________________________________________
City: __________________________ State: _______ Zip: _____________
Home/Work Phone: ________________________Cell: _________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Optional Info: Date of Birth: M______________________/D_______/Y_________
If Filipino origin, please indicate Home Province: _________________________

Signature: __________________________             Date: _______________

Pay your dues/sponsorships securely with Debit or Credit Card with PayPal:

1) Log on
2) Enter YOUR personal e-mail address
3) Choose pay by credit card (You are not charged any FEE)
4) Enter pay to ""
5) Enter amount: $500, $100, $50 etc.
6) A receipt is automatically sent to your e-mail for the approved transaction.


Important Tax Information:
US Medicare PH, Inc. is intended as a 501(c)4 organization. It is a non-profit membership and advocacy corporation registered in the State of Virginia. Membership dues may be tax deductible as “Dues and memberships.” Contributions to US Medicare PH may be tax deductible as part of your “Advertising” expense related to your business or trade. CONSULT your tax advisor as amounts may vary depending on your situation. It is NOT tax-deductible as “Gifts or Donations” to a charity.

Email your Representative on their contact page on

Urge them to cosponsor: H.R. 7442.

See sample text.

See ACTIONS page
1825 Great Falls St.

Falls Church, Virginia 22101

Phone: 1 202 246-1998


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