Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!
Bring Medicare home!

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      Email you US Representative on their contact page on  Use your Zipcode to locate your congress member.


      SAMPLE template: (cut & paste & personalize)


"Dear Rep. _______,

     I am a senior and/or a voter in your district.  On behalf of my family/ organization __________,  I urge you to CO-SPONSOR the "Philippines Medicare Portability Study Act" bill H.R. 7442.


     The act will direct the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a study to assess the feasibility and financial savings of expanding Medicare coverage to the Philippines.


     We expect the study will show great savings based on two precedents: tens of thousands of US citizens from Guam are covered by certain Medicare Advantage (Part C) insurance plans to obtain medical care in the top PH hospitals and the thousands of US military service members or retirees who are covered by the TRICARE Philippines overseas military insurance there.


     With the current budget crisis, we believe our request deserves your co-sponsorship of the Moylan-Sablan HR 7442 bill.

     For background, visit:

     I look forward to your kind reply."


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Email your Representative on their contact page on

Urge them to cosponsor: H.R. 7442.

See sample text.

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